Wednesday 31 March 2010

Eight climate change policy ideas for the EU

1. Provide minimum carbon price guarantees for investors.
2. Hunt and down and kill all fossil fuel subsidies in the EU
3. Shift EIB and EBRD mandates to exclude carbon sector investments (i.e. no coal)
4. Set up pooled re-insurance funds to reduce political risk for investors in climate change mitigation.
5. Remove competition policy constraints on governments seeding investment funds for energy efficiency and renewable energy for a period, e.g. 5 years
6. Engineer a massive shift of funding to energy efficiency investment in Eastern Europe in the next budget (2014-2018)
7. Develop a carbon sequestration policy for the Common Agricultural Policy
8. Set up more govt consortia (there's already one for the North Sea grid) to develop inter-country DC connections to better support a common electricity market.

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