Sunday 10 January 2010

US Weather reporters may be the pivotal target group to ensure Congressional support for strong climate action

Columbia Journalism Review has just published a fascinating story of the extraordinarily powerful impact on US public opinion of pseudo-scientist weather reporters in the US.

I first became aware of the assertive ignorance of some weather reporters when I picked up denialist stories being regularly published on the Weather Channel website.

The Columbia Journalism Story explains just how widespread the problem is and, at the same time, just how central weather reporter views are to the understanding of climate change by the US public. When asked in a national survey who they trusted for information about global warming, 66 percent of the respondents named television weather reporters!

No wonder Congress holds back efforts to do something serious about climate change, including helping to ensure the US's deal-neutering position at the Copenhagen Conference - with consequences for us all.

In terms of the marketing of climate solutions, this is a classic case of unearthing a pivotal influencer target group.

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