Wednesday 6 May 2009

Green jobs reports

I've just been asked to recommend some Green Jobs reports, so thought I'd post the list here for the record.

The most important US ones were from the Centre for American Progress (half their staff now work for Obama):

- The Nov 2007 paper "Capturing the Energy Opportunity: Creating a Low-Carbon Economy" was by Todd Stern (now Hillary's climate envoy) and John Podesta (former Clinton White House Chief of Staff). See This is basically the blueprint Obama used for his jobs policy.

- Podesta commissioned a follow-up report on Green Jobs. came out in Sept 08. Very influential for Obama team.

But the web site that is perhaps most exciting on the topic is Their green jobs report is at

- Also very interesting is Blue-Green Alliance's "Job Opportunities for the Green Economy: A State-by-State picture of occupations that gain from green investment."

- Nick Stern's latest work is a co-authored paper for the G20 about a Global Green Recovery is at This was commissioned by the German Govt. The macro argument.

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