Sunday 1 February 2009

Two useful quotes from Davos 2009

1. Jeremy Oppenheim, global director of climate-change initiatives at
McKinsey: "The transition to a low-carbon economy, if done right, has
the potential to stimulate economic growth, create jobs and bring
benefits to consumers. The 'costs' of this transition are in fact
investments in new, 21st-century infrastructure that will pay off for
generations to come – just as the 'costs' of investments in
electrification, highways, and the internet paid off with very high
returns for the societies that made them in the 20th century."

2. The World Economic Forum's "Green Investing Report" was released at
Davos. It calls for annual global investment of £360 billion in
green-energy infrastructure including wind, solar power, geothermal
energy and biofuels.

Co-author Michael Liebreich of London-based New Energy Finance:
"Clean-energy opportunities can generate significant economic returns.
The report shows that even after a tumultuous 2008, an index of the
world's 90 leading clean-energy companies had a five-year
compounded-annualised return of almost 10%, unmatched by the world's
main stock indices."


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